Fig. 64. Superficial muscles of the lateral surface of the head and neck of a domestic cat. 1901.

Sunset over San Francisco Bay

Collybia eucalyptorum.

Lady Barrons’ track, Mount Field national park.

Tasmania, Australia

Jeanette MacDonald with her cat, Pussums, 1932.
She was an American actress & singer in famous 1930’s musical films. She was one of the most influencial sopranos of her time, introducing opera to movie-going audiences & inspiring a generation of singers.

The moon was pallid, but not faint 

Jane E. Benham, from Poems, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Boston, 1852.

Slept all day wowowowowwo

Seconds was good *rubs satiated tummy
  • no cigarettes
  • no laying in bed all day
  • no embaressment
  • no negativity 

write dreams down, make money playing music, work on backyard bungalow, pick classes, create hobbies, write poetry, film camera

car bed? bus? wondernut? wwoof? west coast? east coast? down south? up north? bill murray.